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"CargoTel has a very user friendly interface that has streamlined processes from dispatch to accounting. We especially enjoy the ability to easily import to and from Excel!"

- Kirsten Becker, JMN Logistics

Although our focus is on finished vehicle transportation, our systems allow you to transport any commodity, whether Truckload, Less-than-Truckload, flatbed or container traffic.

The same powerful capabilities we’ve developed to manage vehicle traffic are adapted to give you the power and ease of use needed to more effectively manage your transport environment — whatever the commodity:

  • Multi-company and multi-facility ready, with an unlimited number of entities that can be rolled up into a corporate parent, at no additional cost
  • Web portals to allow access to your system by your customers and vendors, at no additional cost
  • Automated pricing and cost calculations
  • Analysis tools and reporting writing capabilities
  • Unlimited users at no additional cost
  • Integrated document faxing, imaging, and retrieval
  • Various ways to automatically create orders
  • Vehicle routing and mapping using either Rand McNally's MileMaker® or ALK Technologies' PC*MILER®
  • Automated email messages to origins, carriers or drivers, destinations, etc.
Optional features:
  • Wireless dispatch
  • Wireless inventory management Custom interfaces to your other applications

For additional information, please call us toll-free at 866-CARGOTEL (866-227-4683), 443-957-1984 (locally or internationally), or complete the short form below and a CargoTel representative will promptly contact you.

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