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CargoTel's Automotive TMS is our flagship application. It is the most robust, comprehensive, and scalable system designed specifically for the finished vehicle market currently offered in North America.

Designed from the ground up to manage the needs of vehicle transport, it incorporates the following important functions:

  • Integrated VIN decoding
  • Integrated EDI with all of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in North America, including:
    • ASNs and updates
    • Releases
    • Status updates
    • Delivery updates
    • Billing messages
    • Payment/voucher processing messages
  • Integrated EDI with dozens of rail locations and releasing agents nationwide
  • Automated vehicle assignment to drivers and/or outside carriers

The standard features of our TMS will give you the tools you need to effectively manage your transport operations:

  • Multi-company and multi-facility ready, with an unlimited number of entities that can be rolled up into a corporate parent, at no additional cost
  • Web portals to allow access to your system by your customers and vendors, at no additional cost
  • Automated pricing and cost calculations
  • Analysis tools and reporting writing capabilities
  • Unlimited users at no additional cost
  • Integrated document faxing, imaging, and retrieval
  • Various ways to automatically create orders
  • Vehicle routing and mapping using either Rand McNally's MileMaker® or ALK Technologies' PC*MILER®
  • Automated email messages to origins, carriers or drivers, destinations, etc.
Optional features:
  • Wireless dispatch
  • Wireless inventory management
  • Custom interfaces to your other applications

In addition, as a member of the CargoTel community, you become eligible to actively participate in our collaborative community, the CargoTel Network.

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