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Real Load Matching, based on actual empty slots. 
Fast transit. Reasonable cost. 

How it works:

As a shipper on the CargoTel Network, here's what you do:

  • Enter or upload your shipment
  • View a list of carriers with excess capacity that are ready to move your shipment
  • See how close they are in relation to your shipment origin and destination
  • Look at key info to help you choose the right carrier:
    • Network satisfaction rating
    • Cost
    • Sorted by key criteria, so the best choices are on top
  • Make your choice!

Once your shipment has been delivered, rate your carrier's performance.  This “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory” rating is compiled for all carriers, and helps other Network shippers evaluate carriers.

What's different about the CargoTel Network?

You've seen load matching services before.  What makes ours special?  Unlike other services where carriers indicate interest in available loads, our service goes one step further — that interest is based on actual available trucks.  In the other systems, a carrier can make a deal with you to ship your vehicle(s), but you really don't know if the carrier actually has any equipment to move it right away.  The carrier might just be pooling as many vehicles as it can find, hoping to have a full load in order to dispatch a truck. 

If you've ever used load matching services, and have experienced any of the following:

  • Failure to make a pickup on time, or the carrier postpones the pickup date
  • Long delays in delivery times
  • Sudden cancellation of your booked shipment by the carrier

Then, chances are, you are using a service that simply allows carriers to offer on any shipment, regardless of whether it has the actual capacity to move it!

Giving you the critical information needed to choose the right carrier.

After your shipment has been posted on the Network, you really need to have the key information required to make an informed choice of carriers.  We provide the following:

  • Links to the US Department of Transportation / Federal Highway Administration site to verify that the carrier is in good standing and has adequate insurance coverage
  • The carriers' on-time percentage for shipments in a similar geographic area or lane
  • The number of miles "out of route" that the carriers have to travel in order to pick up and deliver your shipment
  • The cost of transit to you.  Optionally, you may enter a desired price and see a list of carriers that will transport your shipment for that price.
  • The carriers' Satisfaction Rating.  Each time a carrier hauls a shipment, shippers have the opportunity to rate them based on overall satisfaction. We compile this data for all carriers, and make it available to you.
  • Ranking of all this information placing highest ranking carrier on top
See a demo based on live data.

Curious to see how it works?  Go to the View Live Matches link, enter your shipment information, and see a list of matches.  Note:  the matching carrier names and contact info are hidden for the demo.

If you like what you see, and would like to start using the Network as an effective transportation tool, please contact us.

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