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Real shipments from real shippers.  Fill out your trucks.  Reduce deadhead and maximize Load Factor. 

How it works:

As a carrier on the CargoTel Network, here's what you do:

  • Available Capacity - For each empty or partially empty truck, enter or upload the truck's location, desired destination, and number of available slots.
  • View a list of shipments that match your listings. 
  • See how close they are in relation to your truck.
  • Look at key information so that you can choose the right shipments:
    • Out of route miles you'll have to travel to pick up and deliver
    • Delivery requirements
    • Special handling requirements
    • Shippers' satisfaction rating
    • What it pays (optional)
  • Make your choice!

Once you've picked up and delivered the shipment, and have provided the shipper with proof of delivery, you should expect prompt payment from the shipper under the terms of the Network Service Agreement.  At the conclusion of each load, you'll have the opportunity to rate the shipper in terms of overall satisfaction.

What's different about the CargoTel Network?

You've seen load matching services before.  What makes ours special?  Unlike other services where shippers post a lot of “garbage” loads, shippers on the CargoTel network are well established within the industry.

If you've ever used other load matching services, and have experienced any of the following:

  • Extremely low, non-profitable rates
  • A high percentage of cancellations
  • Double and triple brokered loads, with a lot of confusion by the time it gets to you     
  • Slow payments by shippers

Then, chances are, you are using a service that simply allows anyone to post loads, like an out of control marketplace with no vetting of its members.  Unlike those services, we carefully screen our Network membership to ensure that you are dealing with legitimate shippers and legitimate loads.

Giving you the critical information needed to choose the right load.

After your Available Capacity entry has been posted on the Network, you really need to have the key information required to make an informed choice of shippers and loads. We provide the following:

  • CargoTel's Dynamic Radius search provides a powerful way to see the best matching loads by using a radius from your truck's location and its desired destination
  • If it makes financial sense, we'll show you loads that are "en route" that we think you should consider
  • The number of miles "out of route" that you have to travel for each matching load
  • The payment amount (optional)
  • The shippers' Satisfaction Rating.  Each time a shipper posts a load, the delivering carrier has the opportunity to rate them.  You'll see a satisfaction rating for each shipper listed in your matches. 
  • The percentage, for each shipper, of posted loads that were canceled, based on historical Network data
See a demo based on live data.

Curious to see how it works?  Go to the View Live Matches link, enter your available capacity, and see a list of matches.  Note: the matching shipper names and contact info are hidden for the demo.

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