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"CargoTel has given us the opportunity to scale quickly with ease, functionality is second to none and without it we would be lost. Great team, great people, great product."

- Scott Naz, MetroGistics, LLC

If you are a transporter or broker involved with general commodities, and you are looking for a powerful, easy to use system to manage your operations, CargoTel's TMS is the solution for you.

This system is ideal for carriers and brokers of all sizes for the following reasons:

  • Easy to use Web browser user interface means that your employees will have no trouble navigating their way through the system.
    CargoTel’s TMS application is feature rich and includes the following:
    • Automated Order Entry
    • Automated Dispatch Screens
    • User-customizable screens
    • A powerful Reporting Engine that you can use to create just about any report imaginable
    • Dozens of reports and report templates
    • Easy to import and export data of your choosing
    • Auto-generation of forms
    • Integrated wireless dispatch (optional)
    • Integrated Routing and Mapping
    • Web-based tracking, quotes and order entry
    • Access for your vendors/carriers/drivers and customers, all from the same web site
  • Our TMS application is based on a Pay-as-You-Go concept, without mandatory long-term contracts, and a minimal start-up fee. If you’ve had bad experiences in the past with traditionaly licensed products, with high upfront fees and a system that wasn’t all that was promised, our ASP model is the ideal solution for you. You pay on a monthly basis and are charged only for system usage – if you don’t use it or your monthly volume is down, your monthly fees will be correspondingly lower. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our TMS system, you simply notify us that you will no longer be using it, and you won’t pay another dime for usage.
  • Integrated mapping and routing means that you don’t have to pay additional license fees to third party software providers
  • Scalability: Our application is a highly scalable product that can easily handle whatever shipment volume you generate, and can grow as your company grows.
  • No Hardware Expense: As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, you don’t have to spend thousands investing in new computers and servers. Our integrated fax and email capabilities mean that you don’t have to buy third party fax server or email server equipment and software.

For additional information, please call us toll-free at 866-CARGOTEL (866-227-4683), 443-957-1984 (locally or internationally), or complete the short form below and a CargoTel representative will promptly contact you.

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