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CargoTel, Inc.
PO Box 287, Riderwood, MD 21139


866-CARGOTEL (866-227-4683)

443-957-1984 (locally or internationally)



CargoTel is a transportation and inventory management company providing ASP and custom wireless and Internet solutions for transporters and storage companies. CargoTel services are web-based, and as a result, are cost effective, easier to implement, and do not involve any hardware expenditures or maintenance.

Our products include:
  • Transportation and Inventory Management
  • Broker Exchange
  • EDI
  • VoiceResponse
  • Driver/Inventory Wireless Tracking.

CargoTel supports an array of verticals but we have a concentration in the automobile transport, processing, and marshalling businesses. Our services automate processes, including:

  • Dispatch Inspection
  • Routing Tracking and Tracing
  • Messaging
  • Driver Settlements
  • Paperless Bill of Ladings and Invoices and more...

For additional information, please call us toll-free at 866-CARGOTEL (866-227-4683), 443-957-1984 (locally or internationally), or complete the short form below and a CargoTel representative will promptly contact you.

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